Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Paula the red Pig expelled.


You win, please cancel my Party membership with immediate effect.

Having just read the so called tribute to Dave Hannam by Nick and following the totally insensitive text by Nick the day Dave passed away, quite frankly, you can shove my membership card so far up your arse that for the next 12 months every time you burp you will taste plastic.

The way you have dealt with my complaint and situation, oops, did I say dealt with, I meant totally ignored, is beyond useless and you should be ashamed of yourself that you allow female Party members to be attacked and treated in this way by Party Officials.

However, the thing that has finally pushed me over the edge is the fact that it is clear that the Party intends to use Dave Hannam's death as some sort of political point scoring exercise, to attempt to suggest that it was the BBC who harassed him to the point of a heart attack or for Nick to suggest that maybe he took his own life and then to use his tragic passing to try to gain sympathy has sickened me to the very core. How the hell do you think that poor lad's family are going to feel when they see that? it's beyond vile.

The British National Party is a joke and I wish I had never joined. Never have I come across such degenerates, liars, back stabbers and bullies in my life. I'm not, never have been nor ever will be a "red" as I have proven beyond doubt on my blog. But if you think that by finally leaving this excuse for a political Party, I will let my treatment at the hands of Danny Cooke, Rachel Firth, Bob Taylor, Gary Tumulty et al go to rest, then you are sadly mistaken. They have made my life hell for over 10 months and I will NOT let them get away with it. The difference is that now I can exactly what I want without having you idiots breathing down my neck.

Thank you for removing your nose from Nick's arse long enough to read this email.

Paula Wood

Paula the pig was today expelled from the British National party for her stalking and pest texting of a Yorkshire official.
She then fired off the above e-mail in an attempt to pretend that she has in fact resigned but as her letter was sent at the weekend, we here at Paula the red Pig blogspot know that not to be the case.
To say the pig is the most hated person in Nationalism would not be true but at the moment she is neck and neck with Butler.
A few words of wisdom for the pig, do not start playing games with Nationalists because no matter what party or leader we have, we are fighting for a cause and a future for our children so will fight to the last man/woman standing.
You and the scum who are all cyber jocky's and do not know about the real world do not like a bit of payback but you fooled some into your cyber fantasies but not the true Nationalists.

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