Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Pig admits sending the texts.

Paula the red Pig has admitted on her blog texting a Yorkshire official when for the last 10 months she has been attacking said official his girlfriend and friends.
The stupid cow has even posted the proof on her blog.
The woman is obsessed and when this becomes public we are in no doubt that with her BNP background her husbands businees will suffer greatly from this.

As you can see the text she has sent to the official who she says she has a hatred for are fast and furious.
She has attempted to get out of this by claiming she had text him to change his profile picture on facebook for one that he looked "gorgeous" in.
The official in in a relationship and does not want or need the attention of a fat middle aged red.
The pig is a married woman who should pay more attention to her husband and stop looking for her sexual thrills outside of her marraige.
So to recap.
Why would she text a man she hates?
What will happen to her husbands business if the papers get hold of this?
Why does a fat middle aged red chase young men?
Screw loose?
You decide.

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